THA TZPAR (The stand still)

A group of strangers share a refuge. Outside, the threat. Inside, the wait. And the fear of what is to arrive. Within this parenthesis fondness can be born, the capacity to organize oneself, beauty... What is there inside each one of us - and among us - beyond fear? When living does not merely mean surviving. An experience with live music, circus, movement, theatre close-up. A show that reflects on individual and collective management of fear and on the resistance to violence in a context of conflict.

7, 8, 9 september 2018                                FIRA TÀRREGA (CAT)

15 i 16 september 2018    FESTIVAL DE RUE RAMONVILLE-ARTO (FR)


Written by: Lali Álvarez / Pau Matas

Direction: Lali Álvarez

Assistant: Clara Garcés

Performers: Sasha Agranov, Jorge Albuerne, Lola González, Alba Saez, David Teixidó

Sound design: Pau Matas / Tute Salazar

Musical composition: Sasha Agranov

Movement: Quim Bigas

Production: Aina Juanet / HuiBasa

Support of Creation Program FiraTàrrega 2018. Hui Basa is resident company at Nau Ivanow.

In collaboration with La Central del Circ and