HUI BASA is formed by Lali Álvarez, Pau Matas, Aina Juanet and David Teixidó. The group established its headquarters in Barcelona, as resident artists at Nau Ivanow, after working together on two shows: Ragazzo and Barcelona (against the wall), both written and directed by Lali Álvarez.

In the line of their past works, HUI BASA research the place where the boundaries between fiction and the "real world" are blurred, taking to the stage different projects focused in a critical analyssis on human, social and political realites.

Currently HUI BASA work in 2 projects: "PRIVILEGE", an indoor show exploring the theatral documentary language about concept of privilege. "THA TZPAR (The stand still)", a street and site specific show about the alternatives to violence, in wich the audience is a fundamental part of the dramaturgy.