A theatral documentary about privilege as concept.

The word "PRIVILEGE" comes from latin privilegium, composed by "privus" (to oneself) and "legalis" (related to law). Refers to all that rights wich are obtained exclusively on one thing. In legal language privilegium  is a law that just affect to a particular sector of citizens or to a concret individual. Roman law  prohibits from the year 450 b.C. the fact that privilegia could be approved, or even the fact that someone proposes them to be approved in assembly. This prohibition is known as privilegia ne inrogatur and is the first written acknowledgment, in Roma, of the idea that law must be equal for everyone.

Currently in process of creation. This project has won a research and innovation grant in scenic arts from Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural de la Generalitat de Catalunya (OSIC).

Research team: Lali Álvarez, Pau Matas, David Teixidó.

Dramaturgy: Lali Álvarez and Pau Matas.

Artistic direction: Lali Álvarez.