An artistic project of proximity and community work.

Art is an inherent expression to the human being, and all communities have invisible artists, SQUATART wants to discover them. To give value to artistic expression and to share it with the community can be a tool for social transformation, SQUATART approaches. An unused space can be a dead place, SQUATART sees an opportunity.

The artists we are looking for are not renowned, could be a person who loves to draw sunsets, or those who do wonders with crochet, the one who plays drums at the parents's garage, or the other who likes to construct lamps with rubbish from the street. Maybe that new neighbour, or the mechanic, may be the primary care center's nurse, the oldest player of the local team, the school teacher...

HUI BASA curates the exhibition in wich converge the artistic expressions discovered in that community, and composes a performatic and festive vernissage that is the beggining of the life of this new communitary place.

SQUATART recovers unused spaces and turns them into living museums. The community makes the commitment to maintain the place and to, once a year, renovate the collection.